3D Puff Green HTV Vinyl 20"


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HTV Vinyl Puff. Looks like traditional vinyl until heat is added. Once pressed it expands into a 3D puffed effect providing a puffy texture. Siser 3D Puff is an easy way to add dimension and style to any graphic.

-Poly/cotton Blends

-100% cotton

-100% polyester

-Cut in reverse

- Preheat garment at a temperature of 329°F for 4 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles.
- Apply vinyl to substrate for 17 seconds at preheated temperature using medium to firm pressure.
- Peel hot.
- Turn garment inside/out prior to washing.
- Machine was using mild detergent in warm water (104°F max).
-Hang to dry.
-Do not iron directly onto the material