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Siser Easy HTV Pattern Mermaid Scales Teal 12" Wide


$13.99 Yd

$10.00 Yd - Minimum 5.000

$9.00 Yd - Minimum 10.000

$8.40 Yd - Minimum 25.000

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New Siser EasyPatterns are the wow factor you’re looking for to set your artistic custom apparel apart! Available in many colors and patterns for a variety of niches, there’s bound to be a pattern that’s perfect for that next project. If you like the trendy options of EasyPatterns then you’ll love the easy cutting, weeding, and application. EasyPatterns are a breeze to weed because they have a pressure sensitive (sticky) carrier just like EasyWeed and release easily with a hot peel after application. With a semi gloss finish and soft hand, EasyPatterns are the star of the show even when applied with a home iron!

EasyPatterns are CPSIA Certified so you can decorate kid’s items with confidence.