Siser HI-5 Print MATTE 30" (29.5 Actual )


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$11.874 Yd - Minimum 5.000

$11.062 Yd - Minimum 10.000

$10.6236 Yd - Minimum 25.000

$10.08 Yd - Minimum 50.000

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PU heat transfer vinyl with polyester backing, created for inkjet digital printing & cutting systems with solvent, eco-solvent or HP Latex inks. Suitable for cotton, polyester, performance wear, poly/cotton blends and spandex (nottreated orsublimated textiles)


•Print and cut the materialWhen printing on HP Latex plotter, set the drying temperature at 85°F•Weed the exceeding material•Remove the print from the polyesterbacking using Siser’s TTD(adhesive, transparent and resistant to high temperatures)•Heat apply at the conditions shown on the right•Remove the application tape warm (in case of other application tapes,follow specific instructions)