Scrub Pads/Handles

Scrub Pads heavy duty these pads won't damage screens. Scrub pads are easily attached and removed from the handle.

Spatulas/Goop Scoops

Heavy duty spatulas for stiring, economical goop scoops for transferring ink from the bucket to the screen, extra heavy duty mix sticks that can be used for stirring or transferring ink from the bucket to the screen!

Scoop Coater

Scoop Coaters are used for dipping ink from buckets or cleaning ink from screens.

Test Squares

Ideal for production test-printing, design display, and promotion

Mesh Determiner

Ink Mixing Container

Ink Mixing Containers Ink Buckets are available in quart, gallon and 5 gallon containers.


Clean Up Card

The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable tool that can be used to clean screens, apply pallet adhesive, apply blockout and much more.

Temperature Gun

WM Plastics temperature gun measures temperatures from a safe distance. With it's easy to read digital display just point and pull the trigger.