Screen Printing adhesives for any screen printing application. Find the best quality screen printing adhesives at WM Plastics.
Frame Adhesive

Ready to use frame adhesive with the capability of holding more than 70 newtons. Fast drying formula for wood and aluminum frames- mesh counts 230 and lower.

Mist Adhesive

Designed as a pressure sensitive pallet adhesive designed for T-shirts and other light garments. Will not build up on back of garment if used properly.

Web Adhesive

Clear, pressure-sensitive web adhesive. It won't wrinkle the while in use. Specifically designed for fleece and other high density garments.

Flash Cure Adhesive

Flash Cure Spray Adhesive is specifically designed for the screen print industry. Camie 375 holds most textile products, including fleece garments, and is a clear mist spray particularly suited for the rapid heat cycles.

Transfer Adhesive

Promotes bond between garment and screen printed transfers to create fine line details.

Pallet Adhesive

Water-based pressure sensitive adhesive that is high tack to hold fleex, tees, and other difficult fabrics!

Silicone Spray

A great spray product for printing wet ink on wet ink without a flash dryer because it helps to keep the print side of your screen free from excess ink and can also be used for press and printing equipment lubrication.