Scorch Remover

Scorch out scorch remover removes scorching, light burn marks, and sun staining from T-shirts and sweats.

Emulsion Remover

These items begin to work on contact and easily removes all types and combinations of inks and emulsions.


Screen Degreasers/dehazers are an important part of screen preperation. It's important to degrease your screens prior to applying emulsion or film because the screen mesh needs to be free of grease, oil and dirt.

Screen Opener

Screen Opener Instantaneously cleans plugged screens. Works fast to effectively reduce downtime. Speeds production.

Press Wash

Screen Printing Press Wash by WM Plastics, has all the screen printing Press Washes you will ever need to start or run a screen printing business.

Spot Remover

Removes cured plastisol inks, most water-based inks, flock lettering and adhesives from all textiles

Hand Cleaner

Industrial Hand Cleaner with Scrubbing Microbeads

Clean Up Cards

The Ultimate Clean-Up Card is an inexpensive, disposable tool that can be used to clean screens, apply pallet adhesive, apply blockout and much more.