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Siser Twinkle By the Yard

What do you get when you combine glitter akes, reective beads, and a smooth surface? The
answer is Twinkle! This brand-new HTV line by Siser introduces a whole new type of glitter vinyl to
the decorated garments industry.
Thanks to its reective properties, Twinkle boasts a unique, light-catching shimmer similar to our
EasyReective® material. Additionally, Twinkle contains embedded glitter akes— meaning that it
has a completely smooth nish unlike our standard Glitter HTV.
Twinkle has a silicone-like feel that is thinner and lighter than traditional Glitter. Twinkle is also less
rigid than Glitter, which allows it to stretch slightly with the garment.
The application process for Twinkle is similar to EasyWeed®, but the carrier should be peeled WARM.
Layering is also NOT recommended with Twinkle.
Twinkle is CPSIA certied and safe for children’s clothing!
Thickness: 225 microns
Applies to: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester,
Poly/Cotton blends
Temperature: 305°F/155°C
Time: 15 seconds
Pressure: Medium/Firm
Peel: Warm
Wait 24 hours before rst wash.
Machine wash warm or cold with mild
Dry on low dryer setting
Do not dry clean or bleach
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